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Our No.1 Poison

A drug rarely is of any value in the cure of disease. It may sometimes have value in the suppression or relief, but almost never in the cure. Every drug is harmful. Prescription for medicine is a prescription for poison. Penicillin, antibiotics, sulfa drugs, and the other thousands of drugs, including the “life-saving” drugs that sit on drug store shelves and are found in every medicine chest of every American household, are completely worthless and all are harmful. Drugs that artificially control blood pressure, fever, heartbeat and other bodily functions, simply interfere with the natural workings of the body.


American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society (ACS) during it’s 100 year history has accumulated great wealth. It has hundreds of millions of dollars in it’s fund. Millions of dollars in real estate holdings and spends less than 25% of it’s income on research. Most of their take goes for operating expenses which includes hundreds of thousands of dollars to it’s executives. The CEO alone pockets $975,879 annually for his personal salary. The rest is for operating expenses including about 60 percent for generous salaries, pensions, executive benefits. Americans give millions every year believing they are helping in the fight against cancer. Children stand in front of supermarkets, bicycle in the rain and march for cancer; but after 100 years of the American Cancer Society’s and other cancer agency’s cries for more funding, the promise is still the same, “the cure is around the corner”. The fact is that the cure is around the corner; but it is shunned like the plague. Why kill the goose that lays the golden egg? So these cancer agencies go on with their search for drugs. Drugs that cure nothing, drugs that never did cure anything; but drugs that cause a hoard of the worst diseases known to man.
They are now creating their own diseases while they destroy the American economy and the American bloodstream. The first step in turning America around is to stop these organizations from accumulating power and wealth. The time has come for a boycott of the American Cancer Society and other such agencies. After more than 100 years of research the time certainly has come to find a cure for cancer and other diseases. The cures for cancer and other diseases have been here right along; but, sad to say, for some reason have been rejected and hidden away by the medical authorities.

Best Reason for a Mammogram

Why does mainstream medicine keep recommending mammograms? Do the
math: a $100 mammogram for all 62 million U.S. women over 40, and a $1,000+
biopsy for 1-to 2-million women, is an $8 billion per year industry.


The medical industry now spends millions in its promotion of aspirin. They expect that millions will get them billions. I’m sure they are right. Did you know that every time you take aspirin you bleed a little into your gut? A microscope will show that the bowel movement of someone on daily aspirin has blood in it every time. If it is happening in your intestinal tract, it could easily be happening in your brain. It is a sorry thing, but the medical authorities have a habit of ignoring facts that do not suit their agenda. How many strokes are precipitated by chronic aspirin intake? How much Macular degeneration? How many heart palpitations, fatal hemorrhages of the brain, spleen, liver, intestine, or lung occur after an automobile accident because the blood has been thinned with aspirin? How many have acquired Colon cancer because of this drug? The medical authorities are not counting. They don’t want to know. An aspirin a day is as worthless as any other drug and possibly just as harmful. It will start you on the road to damage to the lining of your stomach, wheezing, breathlessness, ringing in the ears, hearing loss, chronic catarrh, runny nose, headache, confusion, nausea, vomiting, GI upset, GI bleeding, ulcers, rash, allergic reactions, hives, bruising, abnormal liver function tests, liver damage, and hepatitis. An aspirin a day guarantees one thing only: Future patients and future profits.

Government and Medicine

By Gardiner Harris, New York Times, June 27, 2004
“The check for $10,000 arrived in the mail unsolicited. The doctor who received it from the drug maker Schering-Plough said it was made out to him personally in exchange for an attached “consulting” agreement that required nothing other than his commitment to prescribe the company’s medicines.Two other physicians said in separate interviews that they, too, received checks unbidden from Schering-Plough, one of the world’s biggest drug companies”.
If this were an isolated incident, it would be just that, an isolated incident; but “According to the U.S. General Accountability Office, drug companies spent $16 billion on direct marketing to physicians in the United States in 2001, more than $19,000 per physician.” (Melissa M. Stiles, MD; Bruce Barrett, MD, PHD; American Family Physician, May 15, 2007).
I have heard that some doctors have received as much as $100,000 or more. It sounds unbelievable to me, too. I stand ready to be corrected; but no one is stepping forward to do the correcting.

A Note on Soda

Research ties soda consumption with health complications and it gives even more reason for you to remove soda from your diet. When soda is ingested, your body is often assaulted with mercury-containing high-fructose corn syrup in addition to a conglomeration of pesticides and processed sugars. An average bottle of Coke contains over 60 grams of sugar. Increasingly it is being recognized that the substantial level of sugar consumption inside the United States and elsewhere is responsible for many of the health issues the average person faces, including obesity, diabetes, and chronic lethal afflictions like cancer and heart disease.
One soda consumption infographic shows that 21 percent of all the sugar in the average American diet comes from soda alone.
    Drinking two soft drinks per week increases risk of pancreatic cancer by 87 percent.

A Nation About to Survive

We have a vast outlaw empire that is protected by the government, the media, the judiciary and saddest of all it is encouraged by  the general public. It is protected by it’s benefactors in congress and promoted continuously  by the top television stations.


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In approving drugs, the FDA does not consider cure to be a prerequisite. If cure were a prerequisite no drug could ever get approved. All that is necessary for approval by the FDA is that the disease that can be caused by these products is slow enough so as not to be apparent. When we place a pill into our mouth, it is not usually enough for a quick death; but it is positively the beginning of a disease and a slow death. Americans are taking pills and Americans are being slowly poisoned.
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